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YuelongProduction and export base of cable tray

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Production and export base of cable tray
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Jiangsu Yuelong Electric Power Equipment CO.,LTD




Address:South side of Sanyue Theaters, Changxin Road, Development Zone, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu Province

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  About Yuelong

Jiangsu Yuelong Electric Power Equipment CO.,LTDJiangsu Yuelong Electric Power Equipment CO.,LTD (formerly Zhenjiang City Yuelong Electrical Equipment Company Limited) was founded in 2002, is located in the beautiful scenery, all around the huanjiang area of northern jiangsu yangzhong - national electric power appliances industry base, west alongside zhenjiang, south adjacent changzhou, north at yangzhou, belonging to the changjiang delta coastal developed areas.

The company specializing in the production of cable tray, escalator track and a handrail bracket, profile bending structure, non-standard electrical box, on-site terminal box, electrical piping material accessories mainly, and has a strong professional R & D and production of cold roll forming automation production line strength.Annual production capacity of more than 200000000 yuan, with a called "cable tray production base for export, precision cold-formed molding manufacturing experts" .

The company production of the cable tray, non-standard electrical box (control) series of products in the domestic building materials, steel, automobile and other industries in large scale projects, market share of more than 20%, more than 200 projects, at the same time the service used by more than 150 large overseas projects, to the industry "characteristics of innovative products" Europe and the United States and comparable to similar products, has been widely recognized and praised. Since 2002 and China Sinoma International Engineering Limited by Share Ltd, building materials Group Import and export company Kasen, China International Engineering Company Limited, collaboration, will have our company products used in Italy Colacem cement group Dominica Domicem cement plant, cement plant in Albania FusheKruje, Saudi CCC projects, RCC projects, SPCC projects in Saudi Arabia Saudi and Vietnam VINA-KANSAL PROJECT project and other project, by the owners of praise and recognition, fully meet and exceed the international advanced standard.

Jiangsu Yuelong Electric Power Equipment CO.,LTD will further strengthen the modernization of management, optimize the industrial structure, implementation to cross borders, cross a region, cross the industry, cross system of ownership form all-around economic union, create a first-class corporate image, first-class quality products, first-class customer service service, strong economic, technical strength of our customer service at home and abroad.

Key description: We are the Lafarge and HOLCIM qualified suppliers, Heidelberg designated suppliers,  strategic partnership with SINOMA, my company's products which were supported in large-scale cement production line project more than 200, has a rich experience of product packing and shipment about overseas projects.