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How to see the cable tray layout whether qualified

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(1) circuit arise out of the metal trough, can use metal tubes, energy-saving bridge rigid plastic pipe, half-hard plastic pipe, metal hose, or cable wiring. Wire or cable in lead parts shall not suffer damage.

(2) the line is bad should level off, without distortion, inner surface should be smooth, without burr.

(3) the metal trough should be reliable grounding, or zero, but should not as an equipment grounding conductor.

(4) the metal trough wiring move applies to the normal environment of indoor dry and not subject to mechanical damage and Ming fu, but have serious corrosion on metal trough should not be used.

(5) the same loop of all phase line and neutral line, should be equipped in the same metal trough. Same path without the requirement of interference lines, can be equipped on the same wire slot, slot within the total cross section of wire or cable (including outer sheath) should not exceed 20% of the line groove section, and current-carrying wires should not be more than 30 roots. Control, signal, or similar with nanjing cable tray routes, total wire or cable should be cut down by more than 50% of the line groove section, wire or cable number limit.

(6) metal trough vertical or inclined installation time, measures should be taken to prevent the wire or cable groove move online.